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Fotopages Features
What can you do on Fotopages...
Fotopages is a website that allows you to create your own photolog. What is a photolog? It's like a blog, but its designed for people who take lots of photographs.

You can use it to create a photo journal, a visual diary, a photo album, or even a regular blog.

Here is a partial list of features:

  • Moblogging You are now able to create entries via email, from a mobile phone equipped with a camera or any email program!
  • Image Posting Easily upload and add photos to your daily entries. The photo appears as a thumbnail in the entry, which when clicked, opens up a large size version in a separate window.
  • Text Entry Your daily entries can include text as well as, or instead of, your photos.
  • Captions Each photo can have its own caption.
  • Titles Each entry can have its own title.
  • Add Entries in the Past You can add new entries to previous dates, if you've missed a day, or if you want to create entries that parallel a trip you've taken.
  • Archiving An archive is automatically kept of all your entries! Viewers can easily access all your entries from the Archive links at the top and bottom of every Fotopage.
  • Links You can add links to your favorite sites or Fotopages. You can also organize links according to groups that you define.
  • Comments Viewers can post comments to your entries. You can select whether your viewers are able to add comments, and you can also delete specific comments if desired.
  • Profile You can enter a paragraph about yourself, which viewers can access by clicking your name at the top of your Fotopage.
  • Permanent Links to Entries Each entry can be linked to directly via its permanent link, which is under the hand icon beside the entry title.
  • Subdomain Per User Each Fotopage has its own subdomain:
  • Browse Easily browse all the publicly viewable Fotopages via username, country, popularity, and more...
  • Search Search for Fotopages, entries, and even individual images with our Search feature.

    Future plans:

  • CD-ROM In the future we will be able to sell you a CD-ROM containing your entire Fotopage.
  • Skins We will offer a selection of skins for your photolog.
  • Customization You will be able to customize the colors and fonts of the selected skin.
  • Own Domain Name You will be able to purchase your own domain name for your Fotopage, e.g. will link directly to your Fotopage.

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